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General Unlocking Guidelines: 

-You must have an account (registration is 100% free) to place an unlocking order with us. If you wish to top up your account by interac Etransfer, please contact, and we can add the cerdits manually. We can also add funds via paypal if e-transfer's are not a possibility for you. Please remember that 1 credit = 1$ CAD (unless clearly stated otherwise for US and other customers).

-If for any reason your phone is not unlocked, we will not charge you. When an order comes back as rejected, the funds are automatically added back to your account.  

-The guaranteed turnaround times are listed on the site, however try to explain to your customers that occasionally there are delays and that we will do our best to get it done for you asap. Our contact info is below, and we are absolutely available to update you if ever you need.

-Sometimes, an iphone unlock is said to be successful, however in the end the phone is still locked, (relock). This is an rare/occasional issue. While we try to stay away from services where this occurs, the solution is to order a GSX report, which is a service listed on the account. It will tell you the lock status, (whether it’s unlocked or not), and is also useful for locked phones with unknown carriers, as it will give you all the information you can see below. As you can see, the first one is unlocked, however the second one is not. This service typically returns in under an hour during business days. The GSX is considered the proof of whether or not an iphone is unlocked, so we suggest ordering one if ever you are unsure.


E.G 1) IMEI:355416076102903 Serial Number: FK4QPXVCGRY9 Part Description: IPHONE 6S SPACE GRAY 64GB Product Version: 9.2 Initial Activation Policy ID: 2095 Initial Activation Policy Description: Canada Country Channel Flex Policy Applied Activation Policy ID: 10 Applied Activation Policy Description: Unlock. Next Tether Policy ID: 10 Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Unlock. First Unbrick Date: 15-11-27 Unlocked Date: 15-12-17 Unbricked: false Unlocked:true


E.G 2) IMEI:354452067738380 Serial Number: F9CQF161G5QH Part Description: IPHONE 6 PLUS GOLD 16GB Product Version: 9.2 Initial Activation Policy ID: 53 Initial Activation Policy Description: Canada Service. Applied Activation Policy ID: 53 Applied Activation Policy Description: Canada Service. Next Tether Policy ID: 10 Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Unlock. First Unbrick Date: 15-12-11 Unbricked: false Unlocked:false


How to select the right service:

-Generally, there are 3 types of unlocking methods which work by only sending us the IMEI remotely. Sometimes, you can try more than one single method to successfully unlock a device. First there are iphone unlock services… An iphone cannot be unlocked by using any other service, as it is done through the apple database and not via a code. Secondly, there are manufacturer unlocks, which we highly recommend as your go-to option for eligible phones (e.g: LG, HTC, Motorolla…etc). With manufacturer unlocks, they are very cheap and usually very fast to return, and they work 99.9% of the time. However, sometimes they can return as not found, which means using this method, we could not unlock the device. If an order returns as not found (and thus the credits are refunded), you can then try using a carrier unlock.

-Carrier unlocks are great, because they are pretty cheap, and will return the codes as a secondary option if the manufacturer unlock option fails. Carrier unlocks work for any phone that isn’t an iphone, and is locked with the carrier that the service offers I highly recommend using the carrier unlock option (e.g: Bell no-iphone; telus no-iphone), for Samsung devices, as it is cheaper, faster, and more reliable. If you have a very new Samsung, which was rejected, OR is locked with companies such as Wind, Sasktel, Eastlink, MTS, Mobilicity, use the more expensive Samsung service which supports all models and returns within hours on business days.



-If you are having trouble placing an order, please make sure you enter the full correct imei, and that you do not leave any spaces either before or after the IMEI number, or you will be unable to place the order. 

-If you receive an unlock code, and are unable to perform the unlock, please just contact us and we will check your IMEI, and send you any additional tricks/methods to help you unlock the device.


Feel free to contact us at any time,



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